How To Get Rid Of Adult Acne – Proven Methods To Stop The Breakouts


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If you want to finally discover proven, effective cheap methods for how to get rid of adult acne then look no further. There isn’t a single reason why anyone should be paying hundreds of dollars every year for a bunch of gels and creams that don’t even work. Even if they did work, they’re still a rip off because these homemade adult acne remedies are far, far cheaper.

For instance, raw honey is a great anti-bacterial and helps fight off the acne causing bacteria before it get’s a chance to cause more pimples to form. Use this instead of benzoyl peroxide and your skin will thank you; it will lose that dull look and trust me, honey doesn’t make your skin itch like BP does!

How about an exfoliator? We’ve got you covered with simple baking soda! Baking soda, when lightly massaged onto the skin, both clears away excess oil and gets rid of excess dead skin, leaving soft and smooth skin behind.


Toner? Well you need an something acidic to counter the pH of baking soda. You’ll use either lemon juice or unpasteurized apple cider vinegar. Both of these bring the pH levels of your skin back to normal as well as clear pores and get rid of excess oil.

Moisturizer? Use 99% pure aloe vera gel or jelly. This is much better than any chemical moisturizer and is great for healing and soothing your skin.

If you shave, guys, you should look into trading your shaving cream or gel in for jojoba oil. Mixing a dollop of jojoba with some aloe vera jelly makes a very nice lotion that gives you a very close and smooth shave. This also helps keep your skin moisturized throughout the day.

I know you might be wondering how oil on my skin can help when oil helps cause pimples, but jojoba works very well. Since it closely mimics our natural oils, it almost tricks our skin into making less oil during the day, meaning less breakouts.

However just be aware that acne is an internal problems. The dead skin, oil and bacteria are all caused by problems inside your body and if you focus on your skin alone and ignore those real problems inside, you’ll only deal with heartache because your acne will just keep coming back over and over again.

The best way for how to get rid of adult acne is to target these problems directly. Drinking more water, avoiding dairy and simple carbs and taking Vitamins A and Zinc are all great methods for clearing up those internal problems.

The most powerful method for clearing adult acne, however, is a fast. Fasting is a perfectly safe way to help your body heal itself from the inside out. Through fasting, all the energy that would normally be used in digestion can instead be used by the body to heal any problems you may have there.

In fact, doing a fast is so powerful that it can completely cure cystic acne in a little over two weeks; just imagine the sense of excitement, freedom and confidence that having completely clear skin will inspire in you

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How To Get Rid Of Adult Acne – Proven Methods To Stop The Breakouts